The EV space is picking up the pace all over the world. A lot of new manufacturers are entering this segment to benefit from this growth. Apple, known for its high-tech mobile phones and laptops, is also working on Electric vehicles. It is no longer a secret that Apple’s vehicle project is focused on building an autonomous car. The brand has high ambitions with this rumoured car and has invested a lot of money in this project. In today’s article, we will discuss the Apple car- two new updates.

No batteries from China

Apple car

Chinese manufacturers like BYD and CATL are the major contributors to lithium-ion batteries used in EV cars. CATL supplies batteries to Tesla, while BYD is one of the biggest lithium-ion manufactures in the world.  But it is looking like Apple won’t use Chinese batteries for its first vehicle and are instead going to Japan. The deadlock with BYD and CATL is due to their refusal to set up teams and build factories in the US exclusively for Apple. Apple has also expressed interest in using LFP batteries. These batteries provide less range but are cheaper to produce and don’t overheat. Apple has also had contacts with Toyota, LG & Panasonic to co-develop this car.   

Autonomous driving

Apple car

As mentioned above, autonomous driving is one of the most important feature Apple is working upon. Apple is exploring two paths; a model with limited self-driving capabilities or a version with full driving capabilities with no human intervention. Apple is more inclined towards a car with no human intervention. The ideal Apple car is reportedly one without a steering wheel and pedals. According to rumours, Apple recently reached a major milestone. But there is no information on what exactly this milestone is. Apple has reportedly completed a fair chunk of core work on the processor it will ship on this car. The company has set an aim for launching in 2025, but this is dependent on the company’s ability to complete the self-driving tech.

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