Recently, Ford became another foreign manufacturer that had to stop its manufacturing plants in the Indian market. Many reasons contributed to Ford’s eventual exit. But while it was in the market, it did produce some good cars. Many article have been written on should you buy a new Ford car?. But what if you are looking for a used Ford car. In today’s article, we will see if you should buy a used Ford car now. 


Ford sold a decent amount of cars in the Indian market. So you can easily get Ford cars in the second-hand market. Getting a good second-hand car should also be easy, considering a decent amount of people sold their cars after the Ford exit announcement. Also, you can find great deals on Ford cars in the second-hand market.

Used ford cars service

Ford has a decent service network all over India. One thing to note is that Ford’s service network might dwindle a bit in the future, but not significantly for sure. So getting regular maintenance done shouldn’t be a problem. The small repairs and maintenance can be done at third-party workshops operated by individuals or big garages. So service shouldn’t be such a big issue. 

Used ford cars parts

Car parts oil Filter

Ford has promised that it will maintain parts inventory in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. So getting regular parts won’t be tough. Also considering, Ford was in the market for such a long time, you can get spare parts from other sources. The availability of some major parts can be an issue, but we expect Ford to stay true to its promise. 

Which cars should you consider?

2021 Ford Endeavour

In the second-hand market, it is better to buy cars that have been popular in the market for better service and spare availability. More so in the case of buying a second-hand Ford car. You can consider cars like Ecosport, Endeavour, Freestyle and Figo. 

So should you buy it?

Ford EcoSport SE Red Colour

The decision to buy or not depends on multiple factors. If you are getting a good deal and are ok with a bit of inconvenience then you should definitely consider a second-hand Ford car. But if you are not ok with it, you should stay away from these cars. As second-hand cars can be riddled with problem if not screened properly while buying. 

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