Every year, new cars with better engines and performance are launched. New age supercars & sports cars are constantly breaking 0-100kmph records. If you too like driving fast, this article is for you. In this article, we will share tips to drive your normal cars fast and yet be safe while doing so.

DISCLAIMER: We at MotorOctane DO NOT promote fast driving. Driving fast on public roads is not recommended and we DO NOT look to encourage you to do so through the medium of this article.

Steering Wheel Position

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The correct hand position on your steering wheel is the 9 to 3 position. If your car has paddle shifters then this becomes the best position to hold your steering wheel. You even get better stability while steering your car at high speeds.

Correct Foot Position

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Here in India, we have right-hand drive cars where your right leg is on the accelerator and your left leg between the brake and the clutch resting on the heel so that you can respond accordingly to when you are required to brake or shift gears. Making this a habit is a very basic necessity while driving a car at regular speeds. At high speeds, it becomes even important so that you do not get confused during crucial moments while speeding.

Know Your Car

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If you have spent time with your car for quite some time, you will be well-versed with its driving dynamics. Driving a car fast becomes easy when you know the car and its limits. Knowing how hard you need to brake, how the steering feels while turning at high speed, etc. play a major role when you have to be safe while driving fast. Safety features in your car are to protect you from any mishap, but that doesn’t mean that you can drive recklessly.

Know your brakes

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Along with your car, also know your brakes. Get to know how hard you need to brake. Know the stopping distance of your car. Also know the feel and response of your car’s brakes.

Changing lanes 

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Always use turn indicators while driving fast and changing lanes. Keep enough safe distance between other cars while you overtake or change lanes.

Do a practice run

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Before you head out on the highway trying to gauge how fast you can drive, do perform a practice run at an empty stretch of road where there is no traffic or people coming in your way. Here you can test your braking skills and also practice cornering without risking any damage to others as well as yourself and your car.

Clear-minded Driving

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Avoid any kind of external distractions like loud music, talking to co-passengers, speaking over a phone while driving. These things become a big no-no when you are at high speeds. Being emotional or daydreaming while driving can lead to an accident. Stay calm and focused while you drive fast.

Smooth operator

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Fast cars along with some regular ones come with paddle shifters. Even if you have a normal gear shift lever, be very smooth while shifting gears. Quick jerky moments and random gear shifting could damage your car’s transmission in the long run.

Keep your headlights on

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Keep your headlights switched on while driving on highways to improve visibility. If your car does not have LED DRLs, keep your headlights on so that you are visible to other drivers. Most of the accidents occur because of poor visibility than overspeeding.

Where to drive fast?

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It is always advisable to drive fast on roads with less traffic, and with higher permissible speed limits. Never drive fast on an unknown route or on a road where you have intersections and someone might come very unexpectedly in front of your car.

We recommend that you practice these tips regularly to improve your driving skills. Also, take the help of someone good at driving from your family or friends to guide you during your practice. If you have car buying doubts click here to ask! Get the lowest price for car insurance here. For more such content stay subscribed to MotorOctane YoutubeGoogle News Facebook, and Twitter. Also, follow us on Flipboard and Reddit where we have a discussion community.


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