Manufacturers spend a lot of money to make their cars as perfect as possible. However to create a balanced product and keep the costs down, they do have to skimp on some elements. This is where modifications come into play. Modifying your car can be a tedious process, from finding the right parts to getting them to fit the right way. But some simple modifications can improve your overall experience without too much effort. In today’s article, we will see five simple modifications that will make your car better. 


Simple car modifications

Tyres are the only contact point between the road and the car. So changing tyres is a very basic modification and there can be little that can go wrong with a tyre upgrade. Good quality tyres will give you a better grip. They can also improve efficiency, giving you better mileage if the right size is selected. Buying good tyres will need research, but that will result in better handling and comfort. 


Simple car modifications

Brakes are the most important safety aspect in a car. It is not necessary to change brakes or upgrades to some super expensive ones, however, if you do have the budget for good quality brakes, then do not miss on those. These brakes will provide a stress-free driving experience.

Simple car modifications – Suspension

Simple car modifications

Upgrading your suspension can change the way your car handles. It can make the ride stiffer or smoother depending on your choice of suspension. Do make sure you put a good quality suspension from a trained mechanic.

Strut bar

Simple car modifications

A lot of newer SUVs have a considerable amount of body roll when driven fast on the corners. A strut bar is a modification that can lessen the body roll to some extent. The strut bar improves chassis rigidity and reduces some chassis flex. Also, it is one of the simple modifications like the one seen above. 

Simple car modifications – Air-filter

Simple car modifications

The air filter is a vital component to extract performance from the engine. The filter also protects the engine from outside elements like dust and stones. Various types of air filters can change the amount of air that your engine can suck. 

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