Maruti is a major carmaker in the Auto sector and holds almost 40 percent of the market share. Maruti was founded in 1981 and since then over the years it has become a trustworthy brand. Maruti gave some very successful cars back in those days, but none of these cars could match the iconic appeal of the Maruti 800. The 800 has been the first car of many people and they are emotionally attached to this iconic car. In 2014 Maruti had to discontinue the 800 as it had aged a lot. But now there is speculation of Maruti Suzuki bringing back the 800 nameplate. In this article, we will discuss what the 800 was all about.

Reason behinds Maruti bringing 800 back

Maruti 800 Restored

Maruti 800 has always been an iconic car in India. Maruti would like to bring back the same iconic nameplate to a bigger and better modern car. The Baleno nameplate was already reused when they got a premium hatchback for Nexa dealership. We expect that Maruti Suzuki could bring the iconic nameplate of the 800 back. The new 800 will be an affordable car that will be made for the masses.

Legacy of Maruti 800

1983 Maruti 800

The production of the original 800 started back in 1983. The car was around for almost 31 years selling 2.66 million units during this period. The Maruti 800 remains the second-largest production car in India, next only to the Hindustan Ambassador. There were no major changes in the shape and design of the 800 over these 31 years of reign.


Maruti 800 electric

The 800 was 3,335 mm in length, 1,440mm in width, 1,405 in height with a wheelbase of 2,175mm, and ground clearance of 160mm. The 800 had two engine options- a petrol and an LPG with a 796cc engine and only offered a manual gearbox. The last known price at which the 800 was sold was around Rs 2.19 to 2.57 lakh (on-road, Mumbai.)

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