Last few years the EV market in India has started growing rapidly, especially the two-wheeler segment. Brands like Simple One, Ola, Ather, Revolt, Joy, and Okinawa have multiple electric scooters and bikes in their portfolio. The Indian buyer wants reliability along with affordability when they look for a two-wheeler. Suzuki is in news for testing its electric scooter in India and will make its debut in the electric scooter segment with its popular scooter the Burgman Street. In this article, we will discuss what the new electric scooter from Suzuki, the Suzuki Burgman has to offer.

Suzuki Burgman Electric Design

Suzuki Burgman Electric

The Suzuki Burgman will continue to carry the same design and styling that Suzuki offers through its Burgman Street ungeared scooter. This will help buyers to relate more to the existing scooters that are currently sold by Suzuki. The Suzuki Burgman is popular for its design and styling and Suzuki will try to utilise its popularity by introducing the same scoter in electric version. The scooter will get an all-LED headlamp, indicators, and tail lamp. The scooter will get disc brakes in front and rear. A fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity will also be offered as these features are becoming standard in electric scooters.

Detachable Battery in Suzuki Burgman Electric


Piaggio, KTM, Honda, and Yamaha have formed a consortium known as the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) to bring uniformity in the batteries and charging stations. Suzuki is also expected to join this consortium and offer detachable batteries that can be swapped with fully charged batteries from the charging station. Having a detachable battery in an electric scooter makes it very practical. A removable battery makes it easy to charge and convenient to carry, instead of using a long cable to connect the battery from the wall socket in your home to the scooter in the parking. The storage space should be sufficient enough to store a full-face helmet. Decent under-seat storage is another feature that we expect Suzuki to offer in the Suzuki Burgman Electric. Burgman Street is also known for its under-seat storage capacity and the same is expected to be continued in the electric version of the scooter as well.


Suzuki Burgman

High mileage has been the tag line for Suzuki while advertising their scooters like Suzuki Access125. The recently unveiled Simple One has set some high expectations amongst two-wheeler buyers. They claim that their scooters offer a range of 236km with its 438kWh battery. Suzuki should offer a decent range of around 240 to 250km by providing a bigger and efficient battery. Offering a long range will attract mileage-conscious buyers towards Suzuki Burgman.

Price and Launch

Suzuki Electric

Premium electric scooters like the Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak, and TVS iQube are priced above Rs 1 lakh price point. Suzuki is already a well-established and reliable brand with mass production of two-wheelers. They can easily undercut the competition by placing the Burgman. electric under Rs 1 lakh. We will keep you informed as we get any information regarding the launch of this new electric scooter from Suzuki.

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  • I am eagerly waiting for Suzuki Burgman Street electric scooter. I don’t think that it will offer a range of above 250 KM. I think Suzuki will be offering a range of upto 150 KM at max!
    If it comes with detachable battery which can be charged easily anywhere with the charging cable, it will be a hard-to-miss opportunity.