The EV space is picking up the pace all over the world. All the manufacturers are sensing this change and are looking to bring in their electric vehicles. Many new manufacturers have also entered the market, increasing the competition. However, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, Toyota has been very reluctant to enter the EV space. In today’s article, we will see Toyota’s electric plan. 

Why doesn’t Toyota want EVs?

Toyota Electric plan

Toyota has been very reluctant when it comes to bringing in EV vehicles. It has even spread some anti-EV propaganda in Japan. Its senior officials have also made statements about why EV adaptation should be done slowly. But in reality, Toyota was one of the first mass-market manufacturers to invest in EV tech. In 2010 Toyota had invested $50 million in Tesla. Toyota and Tesla had jointly developed a second-generation of the RAV4 electric. But it did not sell as well as Toyota had hoped. Since then, Toyota has completely ignored the EV space.  It has focused more on hybrid vehicles than full electrics. 

Toyota alternative fuel plan

Toyota, instead of investing in electric vehicles, started investing in alternative fuel options. Recently it announced that it is partnering with four other Japanese makers to explore the viability of alternative green fuels for internal combustion engine cars. This includes Hydrogen and synthetic fuel derived from biomass. The four manufacturers include Mazda, Subaru, Yamaha and Kawaski. According to Toyota, converting internal combustion engines to such green fuels is difficult but would be better in the long run. 

So will there be no electric Toyota cars?

Toyota Electric plan

Toyota knows that it can’t completely abandon the EV space. So it has started some investments in developing electric vehicles. It is investing over $13.5 billion to expand its battery production capacity. Toyota has also planned 15 EV models by 2025. Recently Subaru launched its first all-electric car Solterra, this car has been developed in collaboration with Toyota. So yes, Toyota will launch electric vehicles but will also continue to develop alternative fuel vehicles.

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