Kia Motors have been making their presence felt with their cars like Seltos and Sonet doing consistently good sales figures. Kia Seltos sold 10,488 units in October and was amongst the top ten selling cars in October beating its rival Tata Nexon which sold 10,096 units. However, the car has some drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss three major reasons to not buy Kia Seltos.

Kia Seltos Safety

Kia Seltos crash test

When it comes to the safety of the occupants, Kia Seltos is a car that lacks it. The car is feature-loaded but comes short when it comes to safety. The car managed to score a three-star safety rating for adult occupants and a two-star rating for child occupants. Even though the car is equipped with safety features such as seat belt pre-tensioners and dual front airbags, the body shell and footwell area were rated as unstable during the crash test. There are other cars with a five-star safety rating that falls in the same price band and have proved to be safer than Kia Seltos in real-life scenarios.

Kia Seltos Comfort

Kia Seltos suspension

The suspension setup of Kia Seltos is on the stiffer side. So you do feel the jerks when the car goes over a pothole or bad roads. With three people seating occupying the second row with no luggage the gap between the cladding and the wheel disappears. You can feel the car brushing against the ground when you go over a speed breaker or bad roads. The suspension set-up is just not up to the mark and needs some redesigning. The Kia Seltos has a good engine but poor suspension ruins the driving pleasure. This affects the comfort inside the cabin while driving especially on long routes.

Service Network and Reach

Kia Service Center

The service network of Kia Motors is not that strong as compared to Maruti, Hyundai or Tata Motors. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have almost no service centers and some of them have a service center more than 100 kms away. So if you are someone who lives in a semi-urban city with no Kia service center or a Kia service center located far away -it becomes another reason to avoid buying Kia Seltos. Buying a car from a brand that has a strong support network will always be better when it comes to the long term.

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