Due to the pandemic, a lot of people are moving to personal transportation options to minimise contact with each other. Buying a car is a big thing in India. It is the second biggest investment a person makes in his life. But buying a car needs a lot of research. There are some things you should keep in mind while buying a new car. In today’s article, we will see five things to know while buying a new car.

Fix your preference

Start with what you want from your car. Set out an estimated budget in which you want to buy the car. The next thing would be the fuel type(petrol, diesel), body type(hatchbacks, SUVs, sedans), transmission. Also, figure out what features are important to have in your future car. 

Do proper research

Once you know your preference, do proper research on all the cars that fit your preferences. Look at vehicles from various brands that satisfy your requirements. Look at the pros & cons of all the shortlisted cars to simplify the process. Also, go through online reviews and owner reviews, giving you a better perspective. 

Take a test drive

Once you finalise some cars, it is important to experience each of these cars. Take test drives of all the shortlisted cars. Drive them as you would once you buy a car. Try to get a long test drive to better test the car. Also, take your family on test drives to test the seating and other aspects. While taking the drive check your comfort levels, car performance, features etc. 

Consider the ownership cost.

It is also important to factor in the ownership cost before buying a car. Buying a car is a hard decision, but maintaining it is an even tougher task. The cost of ownership includes everything from insurance to fuel prices. 


buying a new car

Keep all the documents ready once you have finalised the car. Start the loan procedure if possible. This will help you to get the loan finalised before the delivery. Also, to start the registration process, you need to pay vehicle tax at the time of registering your car. Some of the required documents include identity proof, address proof, form 20 etc. 

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