The EV space is quickly catching up in the Indian car market. Maruti, the biggest car manufacturer in India, is also noticing this change and working on an EV. Maruti with Toyota is working on an EV version of WagonR. Maruti held off the launch of WagonR to let the charging infrastructure develop. Considering that the infrastructure is developing, it might launch the WagonR EV soon. In today’s article, we will see this Maruti Rs 7 lakh EV.

Maruti Rs 7 lakh EV exterior design

Maruti Rs 7 lakh EV

The Maruti WagonR is popular due to its tall boy design. So, we expect the same to be carried in the EV as well. The overall design and styling of the WagonR EV are expected to be similar to the regular WagonR. Maruti might give it a blue highlight on the fog lamps and bumpers to highlight its EV nature. 

Interior design

The interior of the EV is expected to remain similar to the WagonR. Like the exterior, Maruti might add blue highlights in the interiors to give it the electric appeal. The EV will offer some extra storage spaces due to the absence of a gear knob. 

Maruti Rs 7 lakh EV specifications

The WagonR EV will be based on the brand’s Heartect platform, which also underpins the regular WagonR. The WagonR EV is expected to come with a 25kW liquid-cooled high energy with a lithium-ion battery pack. Maruti might offer a warranty on the battery pack similar to other brands that sell electric vehicles. Coming to the range, it is expected to offer a range of 150 to 200km on a single charge. We expect the battery pack to charge from 0 to 90% in around 6 hrs with a regular charger. With fast charging, the car might complete charging in less than an hour. 


Rs 5 Lakh EV

The WagonR EV will carry forward most of the features from the WagonR. It will get features like automatic AC, touchscreen infotainment, dual airbags, ABS with EBD and rear parking sensors. The car will get regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres to help enhance the mileage figures.  

Pricing and launch

Maruti Rs 7 lakh EV

The WagonR is expected to start from Rs 7 lakh (ex-showroom). There is no official word from Maruti regarding the launch of WagonR. But reportedly, Maruti & Toyota are working on expanding Suzuki’s Gujarat plant to manufacture battery packs. Considering this development, Maruti might launch the WagonR early next year.

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