The Maruti Vitara Brezza is one of the best selling cars in the compact- SUV segment. But it has started showing its age as it is the oldest car in this segment. The Brezza is facing stiff competition from newer cars like the Kia Sonet, Tata Nexon and Nissan Magnite. Maruti is working on the new generation of the Brezza. The new generation is rumored to get a better hybrid system than the current one. In today’s article, we will see the Maruti Vitara Brezza hybrid – battery information.

What is this new battery information?

Smart Hybrid System

Currently, the Vitara Brezza comes with a smart hybrid system (SHVS). This SHVS is quite a basic adaption of hybrid power. It only powers the electronic accessories of your car if you switch off the engine. In the new generation, the Vitara Brezza will be getting a better hybrid system. In this, it will get a small 1-KWh or 2-kWh battery pack. This pack will have regeneration capabilities. It will significantly boost the car efficiency.

Why does it make sense?

Maruti vitara Brezza

This hybrid system will offer a lot of different capabilities. The motor can be quite useful to increase the efficiency of the car. With the upcoming emission norms, even small diesel engines will need diesel particulate filter (DPF) filters. The issue with DPF filters is that they require a lot of highway running and care. So people looking for mileage but not much running can choose this hybrid Vitara Brezza. This hybrid motor will also offer better performance and better high-altitude performance too.

Maruti-Suzuki & Toyota plans

Maruti-Suzuki & Toyota are working on a lot of hybrid products for the Indian market. They are reportedly working on expanding Suzuki’s Sanad plant, located in Gujarat. This new development is done to manufacture these new battery packs. Considering this, it seems that Maruti-Suzuki and Toyota will be using this battery pack in a lot of their upcoming cars. Most probably, the first car to get this will be the new generation Vitara Brezza.

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