The Indian market is a constantly evolving one. New trends catch up really quickly in the Indian market. So manufacturers need to always be on their toes to sense this change. The 7-seater market is currently the hottest segment in the Indian market. Tata, sensing this change, launched Safari. But now it should bring a cheaper 7-seater to stretch this advantage even more. This cheaper 7-seater can help it to take on the competition. In today’s article, we will see this Tata Ertiga competition.

Why will Tata do this?

Tata Safari gold edition

Currently, Tata has two segments where it has no presence, the C-segment and the affordable MPV segment. Due to platform constraints, it is not working on the C-segment SUV. So it might be working on the affordable MPV segment. This segment is ruled by the Maruti Ertiga. Kia and Hyundai are also working on affordable 7-seaters. If Tata can bring a car into this segment, it can surely take away sales from the Ertiga.

What will it be based upon?

Tata nexon

The Nexon is due for a newer generation. In its new generation, it will be based upon the ALFA Architecture. Tata will look to stretch this platform to accommodate the 7-seater version. Tata will look to diversify the Nexon and its 7-seater. To clarify, it will not be a Nexon 7-seater, but it will borrow design elements from the Nexon. Specifications wise it will carry the same engines as the Nexon with different tuning. Most of the features will also be borrowed from the new generation Nexon.

Is it a possibility?

There is nothing concrete about this Tata 7-seater. But with Kia already testing the Sonet 7-seater, Hyundai might also bring a Venue 7-seater. Seeing this change in the market, Tata might also launch a 7-seater based on the Nexon to take on these cars.

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