Cars have evolved a lot in the last few years. They have evolved from a mode of transportation to more of an experience. To this effect, manufacturers try their best to load their cars with comfort and convenience features. Most of the time, these features do their intended work that is to aid their customers. But sometimes, these added features, instead of helping the customer end up doing the exact opposite. One such feature is the puncture repair kits. In today’s article, we will see how this feature will annoy customers.

What is a puncture repair kit?

Puncture repair kit

A puncture repair kit is a pack consisting of tools required to repair a puncture without any fuss. These puncture kits consist of tools like the reamer, probe, tyre Valve, repair strips, nose pliers, nylon gloves, chalk, cutter and tyre valve. All these tools can help you to repair a puncture. It is quite useful if you are stranded on an empty road.

Then how is this an annoying feature?

Puncture repair kit

As mentioned above, this kit has its perks, but it has many downsides. The first one is that these puncture kits only come with repair kits but not any equipment to identify the puncture spot. You will need some expertise to identify the exact puncture spot. Even after you find it will still be a big task to fill the puncture precisely. It would create more problems than solving because if you punch it wrong it will create another unnecessary hole in the tyre. 

Why can this become a big problem?

Jeep Compass Tyres

The government recently mandated that small cars with tyre pressure monitoring and puncture kits are no longer required to provide a spare wheel. The puncture repair kits are cheaper than giving a spare wheel tyre. The bad thing is if this trend catches up in the market, all the manufactures will skip on the spare tyres. This can be a bad thing for the Indian car market.

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