Tata Motors has been a substantial contributor in the growth of EV space in the country. Although, the PV business has done wonders for the brand in the recent months, Tata is focused on the further development of its EV wing. The brand had been looking for a partner in order to subsidise its PV business, however, the plans have now been put to hold. In today’s article, we will discuss Tata’s mega EV plan that it has planned out for the next five years.

What is happening regarding Tata’s EVs?

Tata is set to bring out seven EVs in the coming five years. By 2026, Tata Motors will have a wide portfolio of electric vehicles in order to tackle the buyer shift from IC engines to electric cars. TPG Group and ADQ have decided to invest a total of Rs 7500 crore in a new company that Tata Motors will establish in order to develop and manage its electric vehicles. The new company will leverage all existing investments and capabilities of Tata Motors and will channelise the future investments into electric vehicles, dedicated BEV platforms, advanced automotive technologies and catalyse investments in charging infrastructure and battery technologies. The new company, over the next five years will create a portfolio of total 10 EVs.

What are the expected EVs from the brand?

We expect Tata to bring out the EV avatars of existing products as well as all-new standalone electric cars. As of now, we expect the brand to launch Altroz EV, Punch EV, Sierra EV, new-generation Nexon EV, new-generation Tigor EV and new-generation Tiago EV in a phased out manner under its five-year mega plan. The seventh EV still remains a mystery to us and we are excited to see what the brand is planning. Could it be an EV avatar of its big SUVs like the Harrier or Safari, or could it be a completely new product? We don’t know. What do you think could the seventh product be? Let us know in the comments.

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