The Indian car market has been expanding at a rapid pace. A lot of global manufacturers are looking to enter the market to benefit from this growth. Currently, Chinese manufacturers are investing the most in our country. We already have SAIC owned MG motors which are doing well. Great Wall Motors is another brand that is looking to enter the Indian market. Cars from BYD have been spotted testing. But we also have to see how good Indian manufacturers like Tata and Mahindra have been doing. In today’s article, we will see if Great Wall Motors can beat Tata & Mahindra.


Safety has become an important point in the Indian market. Tata and Mahindra have been the flag-bearers of this change. Great Wall Motors is also known for its safe cars and will market this trait as a good selling point. GWM was one of the first manufacturers to bring the ADAS tech into cars. Almost all their cars come with Active safety features like electronic stability control,  adaptive cruise control, speed & lane control and collision warning. 

Great Wall Motors – Competitive pricing

Great Wall Motors

Competitive pricing is a very important factor in India. Chinese manufacturers are known for their competitive pricing. We have already seen this with MG motors the way they have priced products like the Hector and Astor. Great Wall Motors can also do this, which can increase the competition in the market. 

SUV lineup

Great Wall Motors

The SUVs are the new craze in the Indian market. Great Wall Motors manufactures its SUVs under the Haval brand. SUVs from the Haval brand are famous all over the world. This can help Great Wall Motors to bring popular models to the market. It can do something like Mahindra and MG, which are only launching SUVs in the market. It has SUVs like the H6, Jolion, H9, F7 and F7X. 

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