Hyundai is raking in good sales in the Indian market. It is famous for its proactive nature. It launches some great products and keeps updating them from time to time to counter the competition. But, there are some cars which haven’t gotten any updates for a while now. In today’s article, we will look at four Hyundai cars that desperately need an update. 


Hyundai new cars

The Venue is one of the best selling cars in its segment. It continues to rake in good sales due to its unique design and features. But it feels a bit outdated against the competition. So Hyundai should give it a facelift to better take on the competition. In its facelift, it will get design tweaks and new features. It may also get a diesel automatic gearbox like its sister car, the Kia Sonet. 

Hyundai new cars- Santro

Hyundai new cars

The Santro is an iconic name in the Indian market. It was the car that established Hyundai in India. Hyundai brought the second generation of Santro in 2018. This new generation has not been able to replicate the success of the first generation. So Hyundai should look to give it a facelift to increase its appeal. In its facelift, it will get an updated design, new interiors and added features.


Hyundai new cars

The Verna has been one of the most successful mid-size sedans in the country. Currently, the car is in its 5th-generation, which was launched in 2017. The Verna did receive a minor facelift in 2020. But it needs a generation change to counter the SUV on-slaught in the market. In its new generation, it should get a new design and new features. 

Hyundai new cars- Elantra

Hyundai new cars

The Elantra is Hyundai’s most premium sedan in the market. Currently, it is in its 6th-generation in India. But globally, Hyundai launched its new generation in 2020. Hyundai should bring its new generation to India to improve its sales. In its new generation, it gets a new sportier design with added features. Hyundai might even bring a hybrid engine on it, which will be a gamechanger.  

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