Tata has enjoyed great sales in the last two years. All its existing products are doing well But the Indian market is a constantly changing one. Brands need to be on their toes at all times. So Tata also knows this and has planned a sleeve of upcoming products. In today’s article, we will see upcoming Tata cars in 2022. 

Harrier facelift

upcoming Tata cars in 2022

The Harrier was Tata’s first proper SUV in the Indian market. It has done well for the brand. But now it is facing stiff competition from competition cars. So now Tata will likely bring the Harrier facelift with an updated feature list and a new petrol engine. Design-wise also it will get some changes. 

Upcoming Tata cars in 2022 Altroz EV

upcoming Tata cars in 2022

Tata would look to continue its momentum in the EV space. The Altroz EV would be similar to the Nexon EV. Tata has already shown the Altroz EV in various auto shows. It will get a Ziptron motor with an IP 67-rated battery. Tata would look to give it a range of around 300km and fast charging capabilities.   

Nexon new-generation

Tata nexon

The Nexon is the best selling car for Tata. After its facelift in 2020, its sales numbers have grown exponentially. Now Tata will be looking to bring the new generation of the Nexon to carry forward this momentum. In its facelift, it will get updated features and design changes.

Altroz facelift

Tata Altroz iTurbo

The Altroz is Tata’s premium hatchback. It was launched in 2020 and has been raking good sales for the brand. It competes with cars like the Baleno and i20. Tata will be looking to give it a facelift so that it can stay in touch with the competition. It will get a new design and some added features. 

Upcoming Tata cars in 2022- 2023Safari facelift

upcoming Tata cars in 2022

This year Tata bought back the iconic Safari nameplate. It has been doing great numbers for Tata. But the competition has heated up with the launch of the Mahindra XUV700. To counter this Tata will be looking to give the Safari an early facelift. In its facelift, it will give it added features and design changes. 

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