Tata is enjoying good momentum in the Indian market. All their products are either outperforming or matching their competition. The Altroz is one such car that is matching its competition.  It is known for its high safety rating and sleek design. The Altroz is a great overall package, but as with any other car, it is not perfect. There are some things Tata can improve on the Altroz to make it the segment leader. In today’s article, we will look at updates for Tata Altroz.

Automatic gearbox

The biggest disadvantage Altroz has is that it doesn’t come with an automatic gearbox. Automatic gearboxes have become a must-have in our crowded cities. Tata was working on a DCT gearbox, but there is no further information on it. Tata should also look to bring a diesel automatic too to attract customers. 

Better touchscreen

Tata Altroz updates

Touchscreen infotainment has become an important selling point in the Indian car market. The Altroz gets a 7-inch infotainment system which is not bad, but competition cars like i20 offer a 10-inch infotainment system. Also, the user interface on Altroz infotainment is a bit laggy. Tata brings a new UI for better useability. 

Tata Altroz updates- Wireless charging

Tata Altroz updates

With advancements in tech, wireless charging is becoming a norm on most phones. The uncluttered experience wireless charging provides is loved by people. As such, Tata should also look to provide a wireless charging pad in the Altroz for better convenience.

Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Wireless Replication Kiger

Like wireless charging, Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also provide great convenience. It lets you connect your phone to the infotainment wireless, which is way more convenient than plugging in wires. Tata should try to give both wireless charging and wireless connectivity. 

Tata Altroz updates- LED headlamps

Tata Altroz updates

Almost all new cars nowadays come with LED headlamps. LED headlamps provide great visibility and are more efficient. They also enhance the overall look of the cars. The Altroz comes with LED DRLS but only gets projector headlamps. Tata should bring in LED headlamps to the Altroz, enhancing the already sleek look of the Altroz. 

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