So far Hyundai Creta has been ruling the C segment SUV segment and been in the top five selling cars consistently. Recently MG launched its Astor which seems like a big threat to Creta. In this article, we discuss how Creta could defend its title against Astor.


From Russia With Love

The Creta that is currently available for sale in Russia is what we expect to be brought to India. This will make the competition between the Creta and the Astor even fierce.  The Creta over there gets a host of features and we expect the same to be added to the Creta that we have in India.

360 Camera

360-degree Camera

The Creta from Russia is equipped with a 360-degree camera, which makes it easy to park in tight spots. Looking at Indian roads, driving conditions, and lack of parking space in cities, a Creta is expected to come with a 360-degree camera feature that makes your life easy. A 360-degree camera is already offered by Hyundai on the Alcazar so adding it to Creta as an upgrade is what we expect next from Hyundai.



ADAS is a strong point on which MG is promoting Astor. MG Astor gets ADAS level 2 which included 14 autonomous driving features of which rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot detection, lane change assist are really helpful when it comes to driving conditions in India. The Creta that we have in India is missing ADAS. Getting ADAS level 2 on the Creta will make it a better car than Astor as it’s already popular in its segment.

All Wheel Drive

All-Wheel Drive

Currently, an all-wheel-drive system is one thing missing when it comes to engine options in Creta. A variant with an all-wheel-drive system introduced in Creta will make it better than Astor. MG Astor and Hyundai Alcazar both don’t have an option of an all-wheel-drive system. Getting an all-wheel-drive in Creta will enhance its driving capabilities while going on high terrain and rough roads. A Creta with an all-wheel-drive will be a game-changer as no other car in the segment comes with an all-wheel drive. While we are not sure how viable this option will be it will make Creta a strong competition against MG Astor.

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