Recently Tata Motors launched its Safari Gold edition. The car comes loaded with features like ventilated seats, wireless charging, and many more. Tata Motors has started gauging the sentiments of Indian buys and will try to play their cards right. A car from Tata Motors that will be launched in the 4×4 off-road vehicle segment is what we expect. In this article, we will discuss a car from Tata Motors that could go heads up against the Mahindra Thar. So let’s start.

Tata Sierra


The car that we expect to compete with Mahindra Thar is Tata Sierra. The legendary Sierra was a three-door SUV with a 2Litre Diesel engine with manual transmission and 4×4 capabilities. The car was launched in early 1995 and continued to rule the hearts of car enthusiasts till 2005. The car remains iconic and still manages to grab attention whenever seen on road.

Tata Sierra


We expect a new generation of the Tata Sierra to be introduced in the market. A car with a Kryotec 2.0-litre Turbocharged Engine is the same we have seen on the Tata Harrier and Safari. The engine is expected to produce 167bhp and 350Nm of torque. The car we expect will be more powerful when compared to Mahindra Thar with its mHawk 130 engine which produces 130bhp and 300nm of torque. The Sierra is expected to retain its charm by keeping the wrap-up second-row window, three-door, and five-seater design that it originally carried in the 90s. The seating will be similar to the Thar wherein you shift the front row seat and enter in the second row. Sounds a bit inconvenient though, but for a Sierra fan, the looks of the car and the engine is what matters at the end of the day.

Tata Sierra EV

Electric Variant

Wait there’s a twist, at the 2020 Auto Expo, Tata Motors showed us a glimpse of the Tata Sierra that was an EV. Imagine a car that is iconic to be made available in an electric variant. The Tata Sierra as an electric vehicle sounds surreal, but the concept car on display was definitely a car to be added to everyone’s wish list. Tata Motors already has successful electric vehicles like the Nexon EV and Tigor EV running around the country. If the Tata Sierra gets the same Ziptron technology could be the next big thing in the market. Cars from Tata Motors are already known for their safety to add to it the Ziptron technology and the benefits of electric vehicles.

All we can do right now is keep our fingers crossed and wait for Tata Motors to announce the launch of Tata Sierra.

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