The Thar had always been a favourite in the lifestyle SUV segment. But the second generation has really set the sales chart on fire. Currently, Thar has one of the highest waiting periods in the Indian market. But Mahindra is looking to continue this momentum with the 5-door Thar. This will be the more practical and conventional variant of the Thar. This new Thar is expected by 2023. In today’s article, we will see five things we want on the Thar 5 door. 

3rd-row front-facing seats

Mahindra Thar 5 door

The five doors Thar will get the extended third row. We are expecting Mahindra to give front-facing seats in the third row. The front-facing seats are better than the side facing ones. The front-facing seats offer better seating position and legroom. They also offer a better field of view and ac vents can be designed properly. Also, in terms of safety, front facing seats are better.

More technology

Maruti SmartPLAY jimny

The new generation of Thar gets a lot of modern technology. But we expect Mahindra to give it more technology. Mahindra will look to improve the sound system. It will also look to get a new infotainment system with a better UI. Other technology like wireless charging and automatic climate control will also be welcome features.

360-degree parking

Thar 5 door

360-degree parking is a nifty feature that has started coming to a lot of mass-market cars. It is a convenient and safe feature helping the driver to navigate through blind spots. So it is something we expect to come on the 5 door Thar considering its big size. Considering the Thar is an off-roader, this feature can help the driver in some situations too.

More safety features

The earlier generation of Thar didn’t have many safety features. But Mahindra has corrected this in the newer generations. The Thar also comes with a 4-star safety rating. So we expect Mahindra to give the 5-door Thar a lot more safety features. It will get side airbags, auto-booster headlamps and rain-sensing wipers.

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