Car manufacturers try their best to make their cars look and feel better. But manufacturers generally look to keep this design simple to cater to a larger audience. But there are a lot of people who like to give their cars a different look. So several modifications can enhance the look of your car. In today’s article, we will look at five car modifications.

Tyre profile

Jeep Compass Tyres

Tyres are the most important part of a car. Also, visually they increase the overall appeal of your car. Upsizing your tyres is a common practice in car modifications. Upsizing gives the vehicle a personalized look. This also gives the car a better stance and can improve driving dynamics. 


good car modifications

A lot of cars in India come with a lot of chrome elements. A lot of people love chrome, but some people don’t like the bling and flashy nature of chrome. So several people remove the chrome or wrap it with matte materials called dechrome. It can enhance the look if tastefully done. 

Change headlights

Renault Kiger base variant

Headlights are an important accessory that is a must-have during night drives. A lot of people switch to LED headlights to enhance the look. Also, some cars don’t get headlights with the best throw, so Changing headlights can help fix this issue. 

Upgrade brakes

good car modifications

Brakes are a vital mechanical part of the car. Generally, car manufacturers do a lot of testing of the brakes to find the right balance. But some people like to extract even more from their brakes. Better brakes and tyres can help you extract more from your car in stock form.

Wrapping certain parts

Cars have been all the rage in recent years. There are many types of wrapping techniques. So you can do a full wrap, vinyl braking wrap, bonnet wrapping, interior wrap, roof wrapping and door wrap. All these wraps enhance the look if done properly with a good combination.  

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