The lifestyle SUV segment has gained popularity all over the world. From a small niche segment, it has evolved into a proper segment. India also has the Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha. Maruti is also bringing the Jimny. Now Toyota is also looking to bring a lifestyle SUV. Daihatsu, Toyota’s sister brand, is looking to bring in a compact lifestyle SUV like the Jimny. This car is rumored to be called the Daihatsu Rugger. In today’s article, we will see this Toyota Jimny competition. 

Why is Toyota developing this?

As mentioned above, the lifestyle SUV segment is growing rapidly. Compact off-roaders like the Jimny are in great demand. So Toyota is looking to bring in this Jimny competition. It will try to differentiate from Jimny by providing better tarmac driving characteristics. This can help Toyota gain a foothold into this segment too. 

What do we know so far?

The model is said to be in its early development stage. It will be based on the Daihatsu New Generation Architecture platform (DNGA). As for the design, it will get the upright body proportions and tall pillars with flared wheel arches.  It will most likely get a 1.0-litre turbo capable of producing 98bhp and 140Nm of torque. Transmission options will include a six-speed manual and a CVT. It will also get a four-wheel-drive system with electronic control technology. 

Will it come to India?

Currently, the Rugger is in its early stages of development in Japan. So we can’t tell for sure if it can come to India. But seeing the Lifestyle segment growth in India and Maruti also bringing Jimny in India. So Toyota might launch the Rugger with Toyota badge in India. This will provide more competition in this segment keeping the price competitive. 

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