Cars have evolved a lot in recent years. They have evolved from a mode of transportation to an experience. Car companies try their best to make this experience as good as possible. Noise, vibration and harshness are the biggest threat to this. But to counter this manufacturers are doing a lot of things. In today’s article, we will see cars are becoming quieter. 

Better aerodynamics

Aerodynamics, in simple terms, is the way air moves around things. So better aerodynamics help cars to better cut through the air making fewer wind noises. Manufacturers spend a lot of time perfecting aerodynamics to lower the drag. A Shark fin antenna is one such element that has been designed specifically to improve aerodynamics.

Sound-prevention materials

quieter cars

We might not see it, but manufacturers put a lot of sound prevention materials in our cars. It is in the form of foam, rubber seals, paint sealers and insulating spray foam. These materials help to suppress outside noise from entering the cabin. This is generally inserted in places like floors, doors and roof headliners. This sound-prevention material can also be fitted as an aftermarket accessory to make car quieter.  

Part and tyre choices

Jeep Compass Tyres

Manufacturers are using better parts and tyres to curb NVH levels. Manufacturers are using mufflers on exhausts to curb noise. Small and narrow tyres control NVH levels the best. Other changes include holding the spare wheel more firmly to avoid noise from it. 

Laminated glass

New Tata Sierra

Some luxury brands have started using laminated glass made up of multiple layers. It is thicker than traditional tempered glass. Carmakers are claiming that this laminated glass significantly decreases road noises. It is a form of passive noise cancellation making the car quieter.

Active noise cancellation

quieter cars

Like you have active noise cancellation on your earphones, some cars are also getting active noise cancellation(ANC). ANC works by using several microphones to detect low-frequency noise and cancels it out by sending a similar frequency. This helps to block out noises from other cars.

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