Owning a car has become an expensive proposition in India due to rising fuel prices. Also, the BS6 norms hampered the diesel market. So for budget-conscious people, the other alternative is CNG cars. But not all manufacturers are providing CNG cars. Currently, only Maruti and Hyundai have CNG cars. Recently a Tata car was spotted with an emission kit hinting towards a CNG car launch. In today’s article, we will be looking at Tata CNG cars. 

Tata CNG cars- Tiago

Tata CNG cars

Tiago was the first breakthrough product for Tata. It has helped Tata to re-establish itself in the Indian market. The Tiago has been selling in good numbers. But a CNG will help it even more to compete with Maruti and Hyundai cars in this segment. The price of Tiago starts from Rs 6.02 lakh and goes to Rs 8.40 lakh(on-road, Mumbai). CNG variants will get a bump of 40-50k.


Tigor Front

The Tigor is a compact sedan. It has a decent sales figure. Additionally, CNG will help it to take on the Hyundai Aura CNG. The rest of the car will remain similar with some badges here and there. Tigor might also get a CNG in its commercial version. The price of the Tigor starts from Rs 6.77 lakh and goes to Rs 9.29 lakhs(on-road, Mumbai). 

Tata CNG cars- Altroz

Tata Altroz iTurbo

Altroz was recently spotted with the emission kit. It is one of the best premium hatchbacks in the country. It is known for its bold design and safety. A CNG engine will help it to attract even more customers. It will also have no CNG competition in its segment. The pricing of the Altroz starts from Rs 7.00 lakh and goes to Rs 11.55 lakh(on-road, Mumbai).


Tata CNG cars

Nexon has been raking in a lot of sales for Tata. Currently, it is the best selling Tata car in India. As an overall package, the Nexon is good with regards to safety, engine options and features. A CNG kit will make it an even more value for money option. Considering Maruti is preparing the Brezza with CNG, Tata can counter that with Nexon CNG. The pricing of the Nexon starts from Rs 8.86 lakh and goes to Rs 16.14 lakhs(on-road, Mumbai). 

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