Cars have become an important mode of transportation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But at the same time, the rising fuel prices have made driving a car a lot expensive. Petrol has gotten especially expensive. So people are preferring diesel cars as they at least provide a better average. But there is another alternative that is CNG cars. So in today’s article, we will be seeing should you buy a CNG car over a diesel.


CNG or diesel car

Performance is one of the biggest issues with CNG cars. As they run on compressed natural gas they require more effort to power the engine. While on the other hand diesel engine has more torque giving it a lot of acceleration. Diesel cars are also better at maintaining high speeds. Another caveat with CNG cars is that there are no automatic gearbox options. CNG cars also cover the entire boot space.

Cost factor

CNG or diesel car

CNG cars are a lot cheaper than their diesel counterparts. Another thing to note is that CNG is a lot cheaper than diesel. 1kg of CNG is available at Rs 50 while diesel is Rs 96 for 1-litre. CNG cars also provide better mileage. A problem with diesel cars is strict emissions norms requiring you to shell a lot of money in the future.



Diesel cars also require more maintenance than CNG cars. This is due to the complex nature of diesel fuel generally. Also, insurance on diesel cars will cost you more premium. Another thing to remember is that – factory fitted CNG cars will be cheaper to maintain.

Which one should you buy?

You should buy a CNG car if you are looking for a low cost of running and can ignore the lack of boot space and negligible boot space. People who don’t have budget constraints should pick diesel cars if emissions hassle don’t worry you.

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