Ather was one of the first entrants into the e-scooter market. Then it was a fairly new segment with only some competition from small brands selling small-scale scooters. Due to this reason, Ather, with its better, tech could dominate the market. But as the EV revolution has picked up the pace, a lot of competition is entering this segment. To counter this, Ather is bringing a more affordable e-scooter. In today’s article, we will be looking at Ather Activa competition scooter.

Why is Ather doing this?

As mentioned above earlier Ather, had the advantage in this segment. But with the launch of e-scooters like the Ola scooter and the Simple One. Both these scooters have better specs than the Ather and are also cheaper. So Ather is developing a sub-Rs 1 lakh region. With the govt subsidies, the scooter can come at Rs 70-80k.

The platform of this new scooter

Ather has already revealed that this new scooter will be based on Ather’s 450 platforms and is already in the advanced stages of development. As mentioned above, this Ather scooter will be the cheapest offering from Ather, sitting below the Ather 450 plus.

Ather Activa competition

Other specs

Considering that Athers flagship product 450X competes with the Ola and Simple products, we don’t expect this entry-level product to compete with them. Being an entry-level product, it will have range and power figures below the 450X Plus. Ather might add some features to make it competitive in this segment.

Ather Activa competition

Ather Activa competition Launch and rivals

Ather is in an advanced stage of its development and considering the increasing competition, might look to speed up the launch. Currently, the scooter is expected to make its debut in the market by the first quarter of 2023. If launched at the sub Rs 1 lakh mark, it will compete with best selling scooters like the Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access in the petrol space. In the EV space, it will compete with the products of Okinawa and Hero Electric in its pricing.

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