Reliability has been a concern when it comes to automobiles. Though today’s cars are far more reliable than earlier cars, still there is always a chance of failure. But one manufacturer which has almost perfected the art of reliability is Toyota. It is one of the biggest USPs of Toyota. There have been examples of cars like Qualis, Innova and Fortuner running lakhs of kilometers without any fuss. So what exactly does Toyota do differently to get such good reliability. In today’s article, we will see five reasons why Toyota is reliable.

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Hand-built parts

Most of our cars are built by robots or automation. Toyota also has automation but uses it differently than other manufacturers. All the individual parts are made by skilled professionals. This helps Toyota to make it 100% perfect. Once these parts are built, then they are put through automated processes.

Employee feedback

Toyota takes feedback from production line workers very seriously. Any employee can stop the production line if he or she feels that the part is not 100% correct or if there is scope for improvement. This can be done by any employee irrespective of his designation. This helps Toyota to iron out any defects on the production line itself.

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Toyota knows that people who buy Toyota are looking for a rough-tough car. So it always overengineers the car so that it can handle whatever the owner throws at it. These parts are thoroughly tested by Toyota in labs and real-world situations to get the maximum out of them.

Toyota Fortuner


As mentioned above Toyota perfects the part. Once perfected, they use the same parts on many of their vehicles to keep the cost down and also to continue the perfection. This includes sharing engines and platforms that are tested thoroughly on other cars. This is also one of the core reasons why Toyota is reliable.

Toyota Hilux int2

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Fewer features

When the entire automobile industry is looking to add as many features as possible, Toyota takes its time to add features. Toyota does this to make sure there is enough research and development has been done before adding them. Toyota always prefers functionality over feel-good features.

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