The next generation, (Model Year 2016) Mercedes E-Class may be some time away from its official unveiling at the Motor Show in Detroit, but that hasn’t stopped the details from surfacing. Having debuted the official images on the new car’s interior to the world, images are now coming forth that showcase the car’s centre console and the advanced key fob in clearer glory. 

The COMAND infotainment display seen in the picture here appears to be a tad smaller than usual, indicating that the interior shot could be of one of the lower spec variants. The analogue instrumentation dials too follow the cue of the COMAND display, supporting the earlier inference. Further, the official images of the car indicate that the dual 12.1 inch displays (one for the driver, while the other handles the COMAND system duties) have been borrowed from the S-Class and made available in the higher trim variants of the E-Class.

The dark wood trim detailing sports a newer, more subdued finish; a marked departure from the glossy option seen before. Moreover, the new E-Class (W213) also gets a redesigned key-fob as part of the 2016 model year updates. The existing unit was starting to get a little old in the teeth. The newly introduced unit loses some of the earlier bulk, opting for a sleeker, streamlined look. The three-pointed star has been used as a visual anchor for the buttons surrounding it.

The new E-Class should be India bound later in the coming year. The company is likely to opt for a CBU approach initially, before gradually being scheduled for local assembly at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Pune.



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