Mahindra launched its XUV700 on 15th August 2021. This car literally revolutionized the SUV cars in the Indian automobile market. The XUV700 came in with some features which were only seen in top-end premium cars. With Mahindra XUV700 these features are offered in a car at an affordable price. Some of the features that Mahindra offered in the XUV700 are so good that we would like to see them in the next generation of Scorpio as well. Here we will discuss these features in detail.

Why Mahindra XUV700 base model is a steal?

XUV700’s Driver Drowsiness Detection

This is one wonderful feature that will increase car safety. The car detects if the driver is feeling drowsy and vibration on the steering will alert the driver. The same feature is included in the new Scorpio, could skyrocket sales for Mahindra.

Wireless Charging

wireless charging

The next generation of Scorpio is expected to get a wireless charging compatible storage tray where you can place your smartphone. This feature is in a transition stage from comfort to necessity as more car manufacturers have started including this in their cars.

Third row AC vents and charging port

Another feature in the list which is becoming common in SUVs and the seven-seaters segment is the third-row ac vents and charging port. New Scorpio with decent third-row seating space added with AC vents and charging port will add more convenience to the passengers occupying the third row.

New generation Mahindra Scorpio – what will it offer?

Personalized safety alert

The XUV700 lets you record a voice message in the voice of your loved ones and plays it when the car exceeds the speed of 80 km/h. This adds an emotional touch to prevent accidents on highways. A similar feature is made available by Mahindra in the New Scorpio will make it a safer car than before.

XUV700’s Auto booster headlamps

The headlamps of XUV700 are just too smart to be just another set of headlamps. The headlamps temporarily switch to low beam in case of oncoming traffic. The headlamps also activate booster mode once you exceed the speed of 80 Km/h. This offers better visibility to the driver and avoids any mishaps that could happen due to poor lighting conditions.

Dual Zone Climate control

New Scorpio with dual-zone climate control will push comfort to another level. Driving in hot and humid summer while stranded in traffic the dual-zone climate control will act as the soothing breeze of wind everyone wants in such a situation.

Fully digital instrument cluster

Mahindra offering a fully digital instrument cluster similar to that we had seen in the XUV700 in the new Scorpio will ease the life of the driver. The instrument cluster is bigger better and most important provides all the information you need while driving.

With all these features getting added in the new Scorpio, Mahindra might just disrupt the segment and emerge as a segment leader.

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