In recent years, Tata Motors and Mahindra have really revamped their offerings in the Indian market. They have changed styles and have added cars to their portfolio that have reinvigorated the brand’s sales and image. Mahindra bought cars like the XUV300, Thar and now the XUV700. Tata with it’s new design language has bought the Nexon, Altroz, Harrier and Safari. But what about a mass product that is old school, utilitarian, low on features but mechanically sorted for heavy duty work? Mahindra has the Bolero, what about Tata? Is there a need for a Tata Bolero Competition SUV? Is it possible and should there be one? Let’s discuss.

Mahindra XUV700 vs Hyundai Alcazar – Feature rich KINGs

Tata Bolero Competition SUV

Tata Bolero Competition SUV – Why is there not one?

There used to be such a car – the Sumo. Tata had a body on frame SUV with rear wheel drive, a diesel engine and a boxy design to accommodate as many people and luggage as possible. But after the Safari and Hexa, Tata has now shifted to monocoque platforms – ALFA and OMEGARC. They do currently have an old 3.0-litre engine and a ladder on frame vehicle with the Yodha commercial truck and also have the Xenon still being produced for export markets. But with safety norms, sales and the case for commercial and passenger vehicles for Tata Motors being made separate business the need for a Tata Bolero Competition SUV is low. Tata reinvented itself in recent years as a brand that is going to make safe, unique, great looking and value for money car options for people.  

Tata Bolero Competition SUV

Mahindra XUV700 vs Tata Safari – Segment’s BEASTS

Should there be a Tata Bolero Competition SUV?

Yes, there should be! It will be difficult but the market for cheap SUVs that are rugged, reliable and will have the bare minimum of creature comforts is there. Mahindra is capitalizing with the Bolero line-up, the Thar and Scorpio. Tata too needs a car that could be seen as a rugged, less urban and more lifestyle oriented SUV that comes in under Rs 15 lakhs.  A car that is smaller than the Harrier but bigger than the Nexon. A car that gets maybe even 4WD/AWD as an option. We know that there is no platform currently that the brand has for this kind of a product. The future is aimed at electric cars and cars that are full of technology and safety. 

The Tata Bolero Competition SUV has a market ready for it but it depends if Tata want’s to build such an SUV.

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