Mahindra has plans to launch a slew of new products in 2021-22 with the second-generation XUV700 to be the first one to arrive. The next-generation Scorpio is another important launch for the company. The Scorpio has always been a major product for Mahindra. The Scorpio and Bolero established the brand in the SUV space, so we expect the Mahindra to load this car with segment-first features. In today’s article, we will be looking at the new features of the Mahindra Scorpio. 

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AdrenoX connectivity

Mahindra Scorpio new features

Mahindra recently teased the AdrenoX for the XUV700. We expect the Scorpio to also get the AdrenoX. The AdrenoX UI is integrated into the infotainment system. It comes with ‘SmartCore’ cockpit domain controller technology – powered by the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms. The AdrenoX is capable of creating an immersive sound experience and changing the drive modes. However, the Scorpio might get a toned-down version of the AdrenoX.

Drive modes

Mahindra Scorpio new features

The Scorpio will come with drive modes, similar to the XUV700. Mahindra has unique names for the drive modes unlike any other in the market. We are not sure if the drive modes would be called Zip, Zap and Zoom for Scorpio as well. Zip and Zap will be similar to the economy and city modes respectively. Zoom will be the performance mode. 

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New logo

Mahindra recently unveiled its new “twin peaks” logo for its upcoming SUV lineup. The logo is inspired by the brand’s “explore the impossible” philosophy. It will be seen on all Mahindra SUVs starting from the XUV700. The next generation Scorpio will also come with this new logo.

Mahindra logo

Auto Booster headlamps

The Auto Booster headlamps are another nifty safety feature. The Auto Booster headlamps will increase the throw of headlights when the speed crosses 80 km/h without driver intervention. Considering Mahindra’s push for safety, we might see it on the new-generation Scorpio. 

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Personalised safety alerts

Mahindra Scorpio new features

We already have a safety system that beeps when the cars cross 80km/h and another one at 120km/h. Mahindra has changed this beep into a personalised message to slow down, which can be recorded by one of your loved ones. This feature is expected to deter drivers from overspeeding in an effective way.  

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