Over the years, cars have become more reliable, but they still need to be maintenance timely. Modern cars come with multiple filters to keep protection from unwanted outside elements. One of the filters is the air filter placed in the engine bay. It is an important component that helps the engine run smoothly. However, being a filter, it needs to be changed at a timely interval. With that being said, this crucial aspect is often gets ignored. In today’s article, we will discuss why changing the air filter of your car from time to time is so important and how it can result in improved performance. Let’s go.

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What is an air filter?

improved performance

For proper combustion, your engine needs a constant flow of air. The air filter place in the engine bay prevents all sorts of debris & dust from entering the engine. This results in good airflow for the air intake system. The location of the air filter is clearly reflected in the car manual. Air filter as a component is easy to spot. Without the filter, a car won’t run efficiently. Moreover, a missing filter will cause serious harm to the engine.

Why do you need to change it?

improved performance

If the filter is not fitted properly or is altogether missing, it will lead to dust entering the engine and ruining its efficiency. In extreme cases, it can also lead to backfiring, which can cause a fire. A dirty air filter thus hampers the flow of air to the engine, which leads to lowered performance. A dirty air filter will affect acceleration & performance and in some cases, fuel efficiency. Thus, taking care of your air filter will result in improved performance.

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How often should the air filter be changed?

The changing period varies for different manufacturers. Manufacturers do provide maintenance schedules, which can easily be found in the car manual. Usually, this filter requires a replacement every year, however, regular checks are also important. The air filter should be replaced during a routine service, regardless of its condition. Although, it is not advised to wash and reuse the same filter, however, some air filters (which use oiled cotton components) can be washed and put to use again.

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