As green vehicles are starting the revolution, many automakers have indulged in manufacturing EVs and hybrid powertrains for their in-market products. The Japanese carmaker, Toyota is allegedly working on a diesel-hybrid powertrain for some of its flagship SUVs after the demand for hybrid vehicles outstripped the demand for diesel engines in the European market. In this article, we will talk about the new powertrain that Toyota is developing.

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Company’s take on the hybrid powertrain

Toyota developing new powertrain

Toyota is planning to expand the number of hybrid-equipped vehicles before the beginning of the next decade. Among the powertrains being allegedly developed by the Japanese automaker is a hybrid diesel as well. It will likely be installed off-road 4×4 off-roaders as well as commercial vehicles.

Toyota will have mild-electrified hybrid versions of all its vehicles before 2030, including vans. Toyota Australia head of product planning Rod Ferguson said “We’re considering diesel hybrids, petrol hybrids… we’re looking at all forms of lowering the CO2 through multiple technologies.” Moreover, the company has been running a ‘hybrid roadshow’ for years, taking electrified cars into rural areas to explain how the technology will be best applied to 4×4 off-roading, towing, carrying loads, and travelling vast distances. 

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Sean Hanley, VP, Sales & Marketing, Toyota Australia has said “whether it be for cities, rural sectors, agriculture, mining, whether it be for recreation, driving off-road, whatever it may be, there’s a very diverse use of vehicles in Australia.”  The rumours suggest that the company is expecting to include the hybrid powertrain in the vehicles like the Toyota Hilux, Fortuner and the Land Cruiser Prado in foreign markets.

What could this mean for India?

Toyota Fortuner

Although, the automaker is still in a working phase in developing the diesel-electric powertrain, there are chances that we might get to see these hybrid cars on our roads. The idea of a diesel hybrid powertrain isn’t so bad at all in terms of efficiency and torque requirements. With applications on Toyota’s off-roading vehicles like the Hilux, Fortuner and the Land Cruiser, a hybrid diesel engine with instantaneous torque shouldn’t be a shabby proposition. 

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