With electric vehicles rapidly being adopted as the future of transportation, governments are trying to give the trend a big push from their end as well. Multiple state governments have come out with incentives to motivate buyers to consider an electric vehicle over a regular vehicle. Recently, the central government has come out with an incentive from their end as well which will decrease your buying cost even further, given you are buying an EV. In today’s article, we will look at the benefit that the government will offer you if you are planning on buying an electric vehicle. Let’s go.

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What is the latest incentive for people?

Tata Nexon EV

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in a recent notification announced that EVs will be exempted from paying fees for the issue or renewal of registration certificates. Till now, multiple state governments have come out with such provisions, however, with the central government now announcing this benefit, it will be applicable to all future EV buyers across the country. Moreover, the government will not levy any charges for the assignment of a new registration mark for an EV as well.

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What are the benefits of these incentives?

With the central government and state governments pushing out benefits, the buyers will get to save a significant amount of money. A money-saving avenue will attract more customers. This will thus help the sales of electric vehicles in the country which will be a push towards quick adoption of these vehicles. Moreover, with the country moving towards the quick adoption of EVs, more players will enter the market. This will in turn boost the central government’s ‘Make In India’ campaign. All in all, the whole system will follow the Domino effect, boosting the EV market in the country.

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What are the upcoming EVs in the month of August?

Buying electric vehicle

The month of August is filled with exciting unveilings and launches, however, as far as electric vehicles are concerned, only two products are expected to launch this month. One of them is the Ola electric scooter. This one has already created a lot of buzz in the market with its leaked range figures and teased styling & best-in-class features. Ola scooter will launch on 15th August. We have written a detailed story on the Ola scooter which you check out by clicking on the link above. Apart from the Ola scooter, another scooter will launch this month, coincidentally on the same day as the Ola scooter’s launch day, 15th August. We are talking about the Simple One. This scooter comes from an Indian brand called Simple Energy and has caught everyone’s attention with its claimed 240km range.

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