You just got your new car and you are all excited about it. The next thing you want to do is get some modifications done to your car so that you can stand apart from the rest. However, before you get some modifications done, there are a few things that would need to be kept in mind. If not taken care of, these things would surely come to bite you back in the form of warranty cancellation. In today’s article, we will discuss the top five modifications that can void your car warranty.

Aftermarket accessories that do not void warranty

External wiring

Car LED lights

Any addition or upgrade that deals with the electrical wiring and can cause damage to the battery or might lead to damage to the electrical unit of the car could result in your warranty becoming void. The warranty will be considered void if any such damage is caused due to inferior quality or sub-standard products. This will include aftermarket products that might just be plug-and-play, with no wires cut or tampered with, but still, cause malfunction or damage to the main electrical system. Use bulbs or lights that are of the exact specification to avoid damage. Always buy products from reputed brands, backed by a proper invoice or bill.


modifications that void car warranty

Some car owners like to make their vehicles loud by making them sound like a proper sports car. For this purpose, they end up fitting a bulky aftermarket exhaust. However, if this exhaust causes any problem in the future with the engine or if such exhaust is fitted from an unauthorized dealer, in such cases, the warranty of the engine will stand void.

Body/ Chassis modification 

modifications that void car warranty

Certain modifications to the main body of the car involve changes in the original structure or addition to the existing structure of the car. This can result in damage or can compromise the structural integrity of the car. Such modifications could lead to a cancellation of the warranty. Fitting a sunroof, modification with doors or hinges, changes in suspensions, increasing ground clearance, fitting accessories which will affect the aerodynamics and design of the car, all these things can lead to the warranty of the car becoming void.

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Alterations to engine

modifications that void car warranty

Any alterations or modifications done to the engine to get high speed or to tweak the engine for high performance could lead to engine damage. Using fuel that is normally not recommended for your car could also cause damage to your car’s engine. Apart from this, if the main ECU is re-mapped, this would lead to the direct cancellation of the warranty.

Tyres and suspensions

It is okay to get alloy wheels that are an inch bigger than those specified for your car. However, if wheels with considerable size differences are installed, this could cause some serious damage to your car’s suspension. The suspension of your car is tuned according to the specified tyre size, which further affects ride handling, cabin comfort and even fuel efficiency. So fitting improper wheels can lead to alterations to the specified values. This will result in the cancellation of your car’s warranty.

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