Excessive traffic is a regular problem in big cities. With so many vehicles on road, it becomes very difficult for traffic police to manage them. However, Chandigarh traffic police have always looked for unique ways to curb traffic violations. From educating civilians by taking drives, making new speed limits depending on the vehicle size and visiting repeat offenders at their doorstep for pending e-challans, they have done it all.  Chandigarh Traffic police are also quite serious when it comes to lane violations. To that effect, they have introduced a new lane rule, which we are going to explain in today’s article on new road rules for driving in Chandigarh.

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What is this new rule?   

lane discipline

Chandigarh traffic police have re-introduced a dedicated lane for commercial vehicles. It is done from Sector 16 Cricket Stadium to the Punjab and Haryana High court. The lane has been separated with the help of a solid yellow line on the extreme left side of the road. 

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How will it work?

rules for driving in Chandigarh

This special lane will be meant for vehicles with yellow number plates like trucks, buses, taxis and autos. Other vehicles will have to move in the remaining two lanes of the road. A team of traffic police will be deployed to ensure the commuters adapt to this new rule. There will be no fines for violation at first as the main emphasis will be to make people aware of these new rules. Recurring fatal accidents in the city involving commercial vehicles forced the department to re-introduce a special lane.

Official Statement

The deputy superintendent of police, Palak Goel has said that the current emphasis will only be on making people aware of the new lane system. There will be no challan for violators as of now. Police teams will be using loudspeakers to inform people. She moved on to even mention that commercial vehicles often move in a rash and negligent manner and this new lane will help police to ensure traffic order by keeping a check at their speeds.

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