Growing old may be inevitable, but it also signifies a new phase with new hopes. Apart from many difficult decisions to be taken, such as investing in insurance and navigating through savings, there is an added question mark so as to select a car best suited for your needs. Cars that you buy as you retire, have to meet your requirements in a hassle-free manner. The below article discusses senior citizen car buying tips.

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Senior citizen car buying tips

One of the most important factors to consider when one is in a car buying process. Ingress and egress can be defined as the movement when we get in and get out of a car respectively. Considering senior citizens, this factor becomes crucial. For example, Tata Altroz offers 90-degree opening front and rear doors. This makes ingress and egress easy for a senior driver.


Senior citizen car buying tips

Comfort becomes a priority irrespective of the age group. Features like adjustable seats, multi-function steering wheel and a light clutch help senior drivers find a comfortable driving position while other features like keyless entry add to the convenience. Moreover, larger audio and climate controls can be more comfortable to use for those with joint ailments. A good suspension also plays a crucial role, if you are a senior driver and go driving frequently. With all of this being said, an automatic transmission is the most crucial element while selecting a car for a senior citizen. Automatic transmissions greatly enhance the driving experience, reducing the effort needed to drive a manual car.

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Visibility and drivability

A good Field of View (FOV) while driving is probably the most important in a car. Easy access to the front seat, large glass area and higher seating position for clear all-round vision are features that are bound to offer quality drivability, especially for senior citizens.

User-friendly technology

Cruise Control

Adaptability with technology varies from person to person at any age. However, an easy user interface makes it friendly and for the senior audience. Features like Bluetooth/AUX/USB/iPod compatibility add to the car’s convenience. Along with this, other features like cruise control, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and electronic parking brake with Auto Hold add to the user-friendliness, making it living with the car easier.

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