In the SUV market, there are further sub-segments which include compact SUVs. These compact SUVs offer SUVish looks and high ground clearance in an affordable package. This segment is dominated by cars like the Hyundai Venue, Kia Sonet, Maruti Vitara Brezza and Tata Nexon. Many brands have already entered this segment and a few others are looking to enter this lucrative segment. Jeep is one of them. Jeep is planning to bring its compact SUV which will be the first one in this segment to offer 4X4 capabilities. Jeep will achieve this via its 4xe drivetrain. Let’s look at the upcoming Jeep Brezza competition and also the 4xe drivetrain and its working.

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What exactly is this Jeep Brezza competition 4xe drivetrain?

Jeep Brezza competition 4xe

Jeep as a brand has always been known for its 4×4 capabilities. This was the main reason for avoiding the compact SUV space as they wanted to integrate the 4×4 system in their compact SUVs which is a difficult and expensive process. The 4xe drivetrain can help Jeep achieve this. In this, the front axle is engine driven and the other, electric driven. There is no connection between the front and rear wheels, avoiding the need for a middle prop shaft. It allows the manufacturer to enable 4×4 capabilities on a two-wheel-drive car, thereby reducing the need to invest in a completely different platform. 

Will it affect other dynamics?

The battery pack that will drive the rear wheels will be located under the rear seat of the vehicle. This strategic placement will not affect the ground clearance, allowing the car to go off-road easily and with full capability. The battery pack is not just limited to providing 4X4 capabilities; get regenerative braking as well. In moments of braking and other situations where the accelerator is not being pressed, the battery charges. As soon as the accelerator is pressed, the battery pack comes into action to offer seamless power. This offers the vehicles the required capabilities as well as a method to save some extra fuel. We also think while going offroad this can help slow down the car while doing a hill descent. 

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Jeep could also offer this system in a plug-in hybrid format. We are already expecting cars to come with hybrid systems in the near future. With Jeep compact SUV launch being expected somewhere around 2024 for India, a plug-in hybrid car would perfectly go with the trend.

What else do we know about this Jeep Brezza competition?

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With the 4xe technology now in plans, Jeep can easily base their compact SUV on Citroen’s CMP platform, which will underpin Citroen’s compact SUV as well. Jeep will mostly borrow the 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine also that is also expected to power the C3. The Citroen C3 is already under development and will be the next offering from the French brand. Citroen is expected to aggressively price the C3, which can help Jeep diversify itself with its 4×4 capabilities and pricing. The Jeep compact SUV will premiere sometime late next year and will go on sale in Europe before making its way to India.

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