Famous for its hi-tech mobile phones and laptops, Apple.Inc has been working on autonomous car technology for quite some time now. It is no longer a secret that Apple’s vehicle project is focused on building an autonomous driving car which the brand is slowly but surely working towards. In today’s article, we will talk about the Apple Car which is one of the most awaited products in the world and discuss the latest updates regarding it.

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What do we know so far?

Apple car update

Apple began working on ‘Project Titan’ in 2014, with almost 1,000 automobile experts and engineers near its Cupertino headquarters. Over the course of the last several years, problems impacted the ‘Project Titan’ and rumours in the past had even suggested Apple had cancelled the plans for a car. However, the recent developments indicate that Apple has overcome leadership problems and is moving forward with plans to develop a consumer-facing autonomous vehicle.

We had informed you earlier that Apple might be looking to partner with LG Electronics and Magna International. This partnership might lead to the Apple Car coming powered by LG Magna e-Powertrain, a JV between LG and Magna International. Apple reportedly considered Hyundai and Kia before communications with LG since the deal would have given Apple access to an established automaker with the capability to produce vehicles in North America. The South Korean brand was also willing to give Apple control over both the car software as well as the hardware. However, that plan could not see the light of the day.

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In December 2020, it was confirmed that Apple is indeed still working to launch a car, and right now, plans to release the vehicle in three to six years. Moreover, Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the car will be the company’s “next star product”.

What are the latest Apple car updates?

Apple was said to be in early-stage talks with CATL and BYD, China’s two largest battery suppliers about the supply of batteries for its planned electric vehicle. However, the latest developments indicate this deal will also be taken off the hook. Apparently, Apple wants the battery packs to be made in the US and both Chinese battery suppliers are not willing to comply with the same. Moreover, Kevin Lynch, a key Apple VP overseeing Apple Watch and Health, is moving into a new role working on Project Titan, Apple’s car project. Currently, we don’t have much in detail about what Lynch will be doing on the car project.

What features is the car expected to come with?

Apple car update

Coming to the expected features, the Apple Car might be equipped with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, Apple’s in-house voice assistant ‘Siri’ and integration across all Apple devices being some of the most predictable ones. A headlight system could highlight road hazards for drivers using an ‘illuminated indicator’ shown next to an obstacle, or precisely illuminating sections of the road. A 3D maps technology powered by LiDAR sensors-equipped windshield for AR display is also expected.

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