Petrol prices have been on a constant rise for quite some time now. This increase has not only been hurting the general public but also the government. In a statement last month, Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, mentioned that the crude oil prices have been rising in the international markets. India being a major importer of oil, has to pay the price. To combat the extra burden, the government started increasing the quantity of ethanol in petrol and diesel, since it is much more economical.

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However, Kashmir Valley Petroleum Dealers Association (KVPDA) has taken a step backwards and made clear that they will not be responsible if the vehicles face breakdown due to the ethanol-petrol blend being used. In today’s article, we will look at the Kashmir car breakdown matter and look at why ethanol is so important. Let’s go.

Why is ethanol so important?

Kashmir car breakdowns

Adding ethanol has a couple of benefits. First, it enhances the oxygen content in the mixture, resulting in a much better burning of fuel. This means that most fuel in the chamber is utilized and thus the emissions are much cleaner, which in turn means less pollution. Second, due to the addition of ethanol, the quantity (& quality) increases, thus it becomes more economical. Since less pure fuel is being used, it creates more savings for the government. All these reasons make it a lucrative option. Until now, a 10% ethanol blend was being used. The government had earlier proposed to increase this value to 20% by 2030, however, the target year has been brought down by 5 years to 2025 recently.

What is the Kashmir car breakdown matter?

KVPDA has warned that people are unaware of the precautions they need to take while using the ethanol-petrol mixture in their cars. The association has already requested the government to create awareness regarding this and inform the consumers regarding the precautions, yet there has been no response from the government regarding the same. The association has already asked consumers to check for any water content in their fuel tanks and to get it cleaned by a qualified mechanic. Also, they have advised people to cover their case in cases of long idles during rainy and snowy seasons.

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What happens if water mixes with ethanol-blended petrol?

Kashmir car breakdowns

To put it simply, ethanol attracts water very easily. This means that any water content that comes in contact with ethanol will directly mix with it. Water being heavier than ethanol settles at the bottom of your fuel tank and accumulates there. This leads to two major problems. Firstly, accumulated water is a breeding ground for microbes like bacteria & fungi. These microbes in large quantities can result in problems like corrosion and reduction of fuel quality. However, this generally happens when the car is kept standing idle for way too long.

The second problem can become a major concern if not paid attention to. The petrol and ethanol mixture is a homogeneous mixture, meaning it is almost impossible to separate them once they are properly mixed. With that being said, too much water can break the homogeneity. This will create a separation of ethanol & petrol. Ethanol, along with water will settle below the petrol, forming separate layers. This can lead to stalling of vehicles.

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