With constantly rising fuel prices, people have turned towards cars that can return them great fuel efficiencies. This way, they can lower the stress on their burning pockets. With that being said, the fuel prices are expected to break some more records in the following months. A Hyderabad-based techie, Mr David Eshkol, has developed a mileage booster that can help save fuel, ultimately resulting in people saving some money. In today’s article, we will look at this mileage booster machine and its benefits for car buyers.

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What is this mileage booster actually?

Mileage booster machine

Mr David Eshlok is the Chief Technologist and developer of the 5M Mileage Boost. His main aim was to improve fuel efficiency by saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions as much as possible. ‘5M’ turns out to be a combination of five benefits that this mileage booster provides; improved mileage, improved pickup, improved smoothness, improved torque and controlled pollution levels. The key highlight of this mileage booster machine is that although it is an innovation for the engine, the boost in mileage can be achieved without opening the engine. The machine is connected to the intake manifold. The ultrasonic waves and gaseous plasma sent into the engine for a time being depending on the engine capacity do the trick. The company claims 2kms to 4kms extra mileage for car and 10kms for bikes.

Cars with best mileage in India

He has tested this on two-wheelers, four-wheelers, trucks and buses. He even claims that this technology is capable of working with vehicles ranging from 100CC to 10,000CC. Mr David Eshlok has even explained the process that goes on to improve fuel efficiency. When the engine burns fuel to produce power, only a minor fraction of it is used to turn the wheels. The major fraction, however, goes in to overcome friction at various stages. The technology is used to focus on these points and thus reduce friction.

How could it benefit car buyers?

Maruti Swift

Mr David is already on the lookout for an established carmaker that could use his technology. We believe that a brand like Maruti Suzuki could surely use this technology to further improve mileage on its cars. Mileage has played a huge role in the success of the brand and its products. Moreover, a brand like Mahindra that mainly produces SUVs could use this technology to improve the efficiencies of its products. SUVs being heavy cars find it difficult to return decent fuel efficiencies (with petrol engines). If SUVs start offering this benefit as well, their market is bound to boom even further.

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