Royal Enfield Himalayan is the go-to bike when it comes to picking an affordable adventure bike. This bike is a quite rugged and versatile product that is loved by a lot of people. This bike is where a lot of new-age riders have turned towards Royal Enfield. Let us find out why is there a need for Royal Enfield Himalayan 650cc.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 will have the same engine that features on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. The engine has been well perfected at the technical center in the UK. Now the development of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 has begun there. This is good and bad news too. As the development will be done in the UK we won’t be able to see any test mules.

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The platform for this bigger Himalayan is quite an interesting idea. We could see the use of the new J-platform which is quite a new platform that could be versatile for a different engine. The vibrations won’t be a problem on this engine as it is a twin-cylinder engine that is counterbalanced. The platform for the Himalayan is important as the vehicle will be subjected to tough terrain.

Turbocharged RE Himalayan

Modifications for the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Changes Expected

The biggest change is the big engine and more power. As more power will be targeted towards touring buyers. This will include a lot of add-ons that will be related to touring. It will surely get the RE tripper and touring accessories. This adventure bike could have the option of alloy wheels for those looking at using this bike as a touring machine. Another expectation from this bike is that the weight of the bike does not exceed the current Himalayan which is heavy as it is. We hope that along the Himalayan 650, the current Himalayan also gets a generation change where the weight of the bike is reduced.

RE 650

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The price of this bike is very crucial as right now the adventure market is booming in India. The Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 if priced slightly under Rs 4 lakhs would become a perfect threat to other adventure bikes in the market. The 650cc engine offered at a low price will make for a great deal for adventure enthusiasts. Many details are yet to emerge about this bike. We will keep you updated on its development.

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