Sadhguru has a keen interest in motorcycle riding at it has been seen on multiple locations that he has been spotted riding different types of bikes. In this article, we are going to go through different bikes that have been written by him. This includes his first bike to the bike that his followers have asked him to ride for them. Do let us know which of these bikes do you think you would like to ride across India.

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Yezdi Roadking

Sadhguru started his Journey on two-wheelers when he was 12 by riding his father scooter. He used to ride motorcycles of relatives who used to come over on the condition that he would clean their vehicle after riding. When he turned 18 and got his license his first motorcycle was the Yezdi Roadking. This was the motorcycle on which he clocked almost 60,000 km and took good care. This motorcycle was used for about 5 years. The Yezdi Road King was not ridden for 27 years after that.

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Ducati Scrambler

After 27 years Sadhguru made a comeback on two wheels with the Ducati scrambler. This was a bike that was offered to him for the ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign. It wasn’t a company-sponsored bike but was one of his follower’s personal vehicles. This rekindled the fire of riding motorcycles and since then we have spotted him on multiple motorcycles across the world. This was a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled edition.

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BMW K1600 GT

BMW K1600 GT is a six-cylinder monster that weighs about 350 kgs. Sadhguru says that this bike is great for long-distance touring when it comes to having great roads. For India, this bike does not make much sense as it does not have long-travel suspension and most roads are broken. Although he loves riding this motorcycle, it is great for the type of travelling he prefers to do on two wheels. He has been using the K1600 GT to travel across America where this bike is in its element.

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Jawa Forty Two

Sadhguru has been spotted taking the Jawa Forty Two for a spin. His love for Jawa can be clearly seen while he rides the motorcycle for the first time. He has also been seen to be a bit emotional about his connection with Jawa from his teens.

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Ducati Multistrada

During his tour in the USA, he has been spotted riding the Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak edition. There isn’t much information about this motorcycle but we think that it is one of his followers who offered him to ride this beast.

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Honda VFR X

During the Cauvery Calling campaign that Sadguru had run he rode the Honda VFR X motorcycle. The Cauvery calling was a bike rally that targeted planting more than 242 crore trees. Along with Honda VFR, there were a lot of other superbikes that accompanied him on his trip. This adventure motorcycle comes with automatic transmission, shaft drive and spoke wheels.

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BMW R1250 GS

Sadhguru has been spotted riding the BMW R1250 GS on American roads. He has been spotted talking about his motorcycling journey and passion for motorcycles in a video where he is on this BMW. He also mentioned that he has ridden the MV Augusta Turismo Veloce.

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