With the petrol prices soaring high, a lot of car users have shifted from petrol to CNG. Two wheelers do not have this option and continue to suffer the wrath of paying high petrol price. What is the Honda Activa CNG? Does it exist? Are there CNG kits for other scooters? This article will take you through all the things that you need to know about Honda Activa CNG.

Lovato Kit

As of now, you do get a Lovato kit for the Honda Activa. This costs Rs.15,000 and according to the seller the price you pay for this kit can be recovered within a year. This is only for BS4 models. Honda Activa CNG can run on both petrol as well as CNG so it leaves you with the choice to use the fuel that is available close to you. The CNG kit is fitted below the seat with the cylinders at the front and there is a switch that allows you to change from petrol to CNG. You need to keep some amount of petrol in the fuel tank which will be required for the scooter to start before switching to CNG.

Honda Activa

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Honda Activa CNG Kit Cons

The biggest problem here is that the CNG kits are not available for scooters with the FI system that means anything that has come in the BS6 era cannot have a CNG kit as of now. The downside of CNG is that the cylinder capacity is only 1.2 L. This gives you a range of about 100 to 130 km. So if you want to travel a distance that is more than that then you will have to consider the petrol option unless you’re near a CNG refueling station. 

Lastly, exposed CNG cylinders do pose as a unsafe proposition in the event of a theft, mishap or accident they pose as a certain hazard.

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Mostly, a lot of people using the Honda Activa as a city commuter are not covering more than 50kms in a day. If you are considering the Honda Activa CNG as a last mile delivery vehicle and will clock more than 100 kilometers a day then you will have to plan out your CNG refueling stops to maximize profit and time.

CNG kits were launched back in 2016 and they were available for a lot of scooters. The demand for these CNG kits is not very high as the scooters were quite fuel-efficient and the fuel prices were low. Now we think that CNG kits could be a thing for some but overall it does look like a hassle to install, maintain and use. If you require a delivery vehicle for a business or shop – electric two wheelers are the best option. For individua use and on new scooters these kits are not very effective so why spend more to complicate things. 

Honda Activa CNG

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What do we think?

Having a CNG kit on a scooter is a good idea if you want to reduce just the fuel cost. The problem arises with the range which is not a big deal when it comes to scooters. The Honda active a CNG could have been a success if the company would have given factory fitted CNG kits which could accommodate smaller petrol tank and make more space for a bigger CNG tank. Also with factory fitted CNG kits there could be more reliability as well as a trust factor. If the fuel prices continue to rise as fast as they are right now we think that CNG kits could be coming soon. Also, the option of flex-fuel is being considered as it is a much more viable solution than using CNG. Do let us know in the comments if you would like to use or actor CNG if given a choice.

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