The 68-year old Land Rover Defender will finally be axed, ending its production in January 2015, to give birth to a new generation. The Defender has been Land Rover’s go-anywhere vehicle and is also a preferred vehicle by the Queen of England.

As per Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director, “A lot of people love the idea of the Defender but they never buy one. While I’m a designer, and I love designing, I’m also a businessman. We need to build a critical mass in order to sustain ourselves in the long term and reinvest.”

The next-gen Defender line-up will be having five variants globally, that include two two-door models, a four-door long wheelbase model with an eight-seater configuration and two and four-door pickup variants too. The design of the new Defenders is still confidential and will be different from the concepts that Land Rover has been displaying, lately.

Land Rover Defender

“When this vehicle comes out, people will know it’s a Defender, it’s a modern Defender,” McGovern said. “But it will bear no resemblance to those Defender concepts.”

On reinventing the icon, Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America said, “Any replacement for an iconic vehicle is tough because the enthusiasts are certainly very vocal. They have an opinion on how to do it, but it’s a huge opportunity at the same time.”



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