Tata Nexon has been a strong product in the brand’s portfolio since the time the brand introduced it. The car is appreciated for its unique styling, great handling & ride quality and high safety ratings. The car even gets modern features that help it give a tough fight to the competition. The last update (facelift) for this compact SUV was brought in 2020. We are now expecting Tata to bring a generation update for the Nexon. Today’s article will discuss 5 things we expect the new generation Tata Nexon could get.

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Bigger touchscreen

2021 Tata Safari

Tata Nexon offers a 7-inch touchscreen, making it one of the smallest ones available in the whole segment. Cars like the Kia Sonet get a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment unit. So, we expect Tata to bring a bigger touchscreen with the next-gen car, at least the one that comes with the Harrier & Safari. Also, the current one feels a bit laggy when compared to other fluid counterparts.

DCT gearbox

DCT transmission

Before Tata launched the Altroz Turbo, there were reports that the Turbo variants will come with Schaeffler-sourced 7-speed DCT gearboxes. However, the news of a DCT gearbox for the Altroz Turbo was gone with the launch. With this being said, we believe that the plan could be brought to fruition with the next generation Nexon. Currently, the car gets an AMT gearbox only, whereas the competition like the Hyundai Venue and the Kia Sonet get DCT transmission options. Bringing one for the Nexon would make it a much interesting case for buyers who prefer automatic transmissions.

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New design language

Tata has greatly worked its way up in terms of design. The brand has been following the IMPACT design language for quite some time now. Its cars like the Altroz, Harrier and Safari are based on the Impact 2.0 design language. However, the brand is already ready with the Impact 3.0 design for its future cars. We believe that Nexon might be the first car to come based on that. We might get to see a much muscular-looking product than what it currently is. New exteriors and interiors will be the main talking point. The tail lamp setup might get a new touch since many customers and buyers have pointed that out. The bumpers & front grille are expected to receive an update as well.

Hybrid engine

Looking at the ever-changing trends, we believe that the next big thing in the compact SUV segment would be hybrid engines. Tata already has its EV technology in place, meaning it would not be a huge problem for the brand to develop the hybrid technology. Also, with the rapidly-increasing petrol and diesel prices, more people would turn towards cars that can return better mileage. Bringing the next-gen car with a petrol hybrid engine would surely benefit the brand in terms of its sales numbers.

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Semi-digital instrument cluster

Currently, the Nexon gets a blacked-out digital instrument cluster. Its siblings like the Altroz, Nexon EV, Harrier and Safari get semi-digital instrument clusters, which is much easier to read. We believe Tata would move on from the current display setup to the much clear semi-digital layout.

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