Toyota might have a decent portfolio for the country, however, the brand has a vast portfolio in foreign markets. There are all sorts of products that people can choose from. Now, there are some products that Toyota should bring to India as the products can easily fill the multiple gaps in the brand’s lineup. So, this article will deal with 5 Toyota cars that India should get. Let’s go.

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Toyota Pixis Epoch

Toyota, as of today, lacks a mass-market product that can help it with further penetration in the budget segments. Although, the brand does have the Glanza, however, a product is needed that can cater to the needs of entry-level buyers. Toyota does have a product that can fit this role. The car is called the Pixis Epoch. The product is a direct competitor to cars like Ignis, Celerio, Grand i10 NIOS and Tiago. Bringing it to the country would surely draw in more customers to Toyota showrooms.

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Toyota GT86

Toyota’s GT86 is a 2-door coupe that has appreciated by customers for its affordable RWD character. The car comes powered by a 2.0-litre engine that makes 197bhp when mated to an automatic gearbox. The same engine makes 204bhp when mated with a manual gearbox. The coupe offers a pure driving experience.  With its not so flashy interiors, the car reminds of machines from the past.

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Toyota Hilux

Toyota cars India should get

Toyota Hilux is a product that the brand must be keen on bringing to the country. With the wind of changing trends continuously flowing, it seems that pickups will be the talking point in the near future. Bringing a pickup at the earliest will be beneficial for the brand since the segment is in its infant stages in the country and the competition is low. Coming to the Toyota Hilux, this pickup takes inspiration from the Fortuner, however, does have its own unique character.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota cars India should get

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a that is known for its powerful engine, solid build quality and luxurious interiors. However, Toyota had to discontinue it due to the strict BS6 norms in the country. With the new Land Cruiser (LC300) now unveiled globally, we really wish Toyota brings it back to India. The car already has a solid fan base and the new one would be a treat for buyers.

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Toyota Supra

Toyota cars India should get

Toyota Supra is an iconic car that was resurrected by Toyota in partnership with BMW. Toyota should bring this car to India as the brand does not have any product to showcase its legacy in the country. The Supra can fill this gap perfectly. The car makes 382bhp and 500Nm of torque 3.0-litre 6 cylinder engine that comes mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

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