KTM has plans to introduce the 490cc engine in India. Looking at the existing lineup of KTM, we expect 3 types of bike to be based on this engine. Currently in India, KTM has a variety of bike up till the 390cc capacity. We expect that KTM India is soon going to want the current portfolio to be expanded. Each bike will have its different characteristic and here are our expectations from the KTM 490cc lineup.

5 KTM bikes we want in India

KTM 490cc RC

The upcoming KTM RC 200 and 390 have got totally new styling and some changes to the new frame. We think that these changes will also accommodate the new 490cc engine. The new styling of the RC 390 which has come to light through leaks and spy shots has shown the bike now gets revised ergonomics. With the 490cc RC, we expect the bike to find middle ground between a sports touring machine and a bike for the race track.

KTM RC 200 Rear

New KTM Duke 390 – All you need to know

KTM 490cc Duke

The Duke now will change a bit as it will have a different setup. It will become the easiest to live with a KTM bike for daily rides. Also being a twin-cylinder engine it is expected to have much better low-end torque as well as strong mid-range pull. Usually, the single-cylinder KTMs that we have till now have most of the power in the top end and a lot of people might find this new configuration inviting. We are expecting the KTM 490cc Duke to be the lowest-priced 490cc bike in the lineup.

New KTM Duke

New KTM RC 390 SPOTTED – Looks production ready

KTM 490cc Adventure

With the 490cc adventure bike, you will get all the bells and whistles one wants with a compact adventure bike. It will have all the electronics that the 390 Adventure gets and some more. The twin cylinder engine will be hopefully be more suited to off-road conditions with torque being available at the low-end. This will make off-roading slightly easier than what it is with the 390 Adventure where the power comes at higher RPMs and the bike does not like slow maneuvering. The only place of concern here is the expected pricing of the KTM 490cc Adventure. We expect this bike will be a full Rs 1 lakh or more expensive than the current KTM 390 Adventure.

KTM 390 Adventure

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