Carmakers keep pushing new cars in the market in order to open a world of options for buyers. Many OEMs do this by bringing products from the international markets. The products are tweaked according to the requirements for the specific market and then launched. However, while doing this, some important features are removed for keeping the costs in check, ultimately leading to competitive market pricing. In our case, many carmakers remove the AWD system to do this. An AWD system makes many things convenient even in regular usage. So, today’s article will deal with Indian cars that are sold in foreign markets with an AWD system.

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Maruti S-Cross

Scross Blue

Maruti S-Cross is a rugged crossover SUV that takes competition with cars like Honda WR-V, Ford EcoSport and to some extent with cars like Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta as well. The car is available with a FWD in India, however, Suzuki sells the S-Cross with an AWD system, the All Grip in markets like the UK. In India, the S-Cross comes powered by a 1.5-litre K15B Smart Hybrid petrol engine that produces 103bhp and 138Nm of torque.

Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift

The country’s favourite hatchback has established a name for itself not just in India but in international markets as well. The car attracts buyers due to its sporty styling and fun-to-drive dynamics. Along with these, the Swift offers reliability as well. In India, the Swift has been topping the hatchback sales for many years. The car comes with a FWD system here, however, in foreign markets, the car gets AWD option as well. Moreover, in markets like Japan, the car comes with a proper hybrid engine as well. Read the article linked below to know more about it.

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Maruti Ignis

Indian cars that are AWD

Similar to Swift, the Maruti Ignis also gets a hybrid engine in Japan. Along with this, the car gets an AWD system. Putting an AWD drivetrain in a small, light car enhances its fun-to-drive factor by leaps & bounds. In India, however, Suzuki has not made anything available of this sorts yet. However, we hope to see Maruti Suzuki bringing a hybrid, AWD car to India as well. An affordable AWD car will surely attract many buyers, something that Maruti would definitely want to do.

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport SE Red Colour

Ford EcoSport as a nameplate needs no introduction in the country. The car has been ruling the Indian roads for quite some time now. In fact, the EcoSport was the first compact SUV to be launched in the country. The car attracts buyers with its unique styling, solid build quality, reliable engines and Ford’s trust. However, Ford has not made the EcoSport available with an AWD drivetrain here. In foreign markets, the car is made available with an option of AWD to choose from.

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Kia Seltos

Indian cars that are AWD

Kia Seltos has been giving a tough fight to its competition cars in the country. Multiple engines & transmission options, a plethora of features and bold modern styling make this car a great choice for buyers. However, the Kia Seltos is robbed of an AWD system in India. In foreign markets, the car comes with an optional AWD system, enhancing its VFM factor considerably.

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